FBI Background Checks

Experience convenient FBI Background Checks with our FBI Live Scan services. Macon LiveScan Services is an FBI-certified channeler, offering you the fastest route to your background check report. Skip the lengthy process of sending in fingerprint cards if you can – with our FBI Live Scan, you can have your FBI report emailed to you within 24 business hours. Whether you're seeking your own FBI record or if you're an authorized recipient needing FBI background checks for your clients or staff, we've got you covered. Discover the efficiency of Departmental Order processing and get your FBI Background Check with ease.

Reasons for FBI Background Checks

Apostille Reports

Ensure seamless entry into other countries and meet diplomatic requirements with our expert fingerprinting services. We provide accurate and reliable fingerprints for Apostille Reports and various diplomatic needs."

Feel free to customize this description further to align with your specific services and the requirements of Apostille Reports and other diplomacy-related fingerprinting needs.

Personal Review

Gain quick access to your FBI background check report with our efficient Personal Review service. Choose between FD-258 fingerprint cards for mailing to the FBI or opt for our FBI Live Scan fingerprinting, enabling direct channeling to the FBI for an expedited report delivered to your email within 48 business hours.


Adoption Fingerprinting: We understand the fingerprinting requirements of adoption agencies. Our dedicated staff is committed to accommodating your adoption needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your adoption journey.

Court Matters

In various federal applications and requests, ink fingerprints are often required. Our expert team specializes in providing accurate ink fingerprinting services for court-related matters, ensuring compliance with federal requirements.


When traveling to foreign countries, fingerprinting requirements often necessitate specific cards or forms. Our meticulous ink fingerprinting services ensure you receive accurate and properly formatted fingerprints on the appropriate card or form for seamless travel documentation.

Other Reasons

Have fingerprinting needs beyond the listed categories? Our dedicated staff is here to assist you. Contact us today for personalized guidance and reliable solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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Fingerprinting Card Pricing

Check below to see our prices for each service.

FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting Service Background Check Report

$125 | Email Only
  • FBI Channeling Fees Included
  • Results In 24 Hours
  • Secure Transaction
  • Work Guaranteed

FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting Service Fingerprint Cards

$75 | Hard Copy
  • Includes 2 Cards
  • Work Guaranteed
  • Secure Transaction
  • Archiving Available

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