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Explore the classic artistry of ink fingerprinting, where your fingers are dipped in ink and rolled onto a card for immediate possession. This traditional method offers a tactile experience that some clients prefer.

In addition to traditional ink, we also provide modern Live Scan technology, which is widely accepted and celebrated for its efficiency. Live Scan allows us to digitally scan your fingerprints, ensuring accuracy through multiple scans if necessary. The best part? Your information is digitally printed onto the card, eliminating the need for manual handwriting.

Whether you choose the timeless charm of ink fingerprinting or the efficiency of Live Scan, we've got you covered for all your fingerprinting needs.

Ink Fingerprinting Services We Offer


FD-258 fingerprinting cards are the industry standard for a variety of purposes. Our traditional ink fingerprinting service on FD-258 cards caters to professionals seeking employment or licensing in another state, including travel nurses, insurance agents, immigration applicants, visa applicants, and those requiring NFA or ATF compliance. Whether you bring your own card or we supply it, our expert technicians ensure accurate and reliable fingerprinting results for seamless background checks in other states.


Looking to complete your annual FINRA check? At Macon LiveScan Services, we provide efficient fingerprinting services for your FINRA card, accommodating both individuals who bring their own cards and those who prefer to use our stock. Trust us to facilitate a seamless process for your FINRA compliance requirements.


SF-87 fingerprint cards are specifically designed for background checks required by the Department of Defense. Individuals working or volunteering for the Department of Defense often require SF-87 cards. At Macon LiveScan Services, you have the flexibility to bring your own SF-87 cards or utilize ours, ensuring a seamless and convenient process for your Department of Defense background check needs.


ATF/NFA card fingerprinting services for all firearms-related purposes are expertly handled by our experienced staff members. Trust us for accurate and reliable fingerprinting to meet your ATF/NFA compliance needs and ensure a smooth firearms-related process.

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Fingerprinting Card Pricing

Check below to see our prices for each service.

Ink Cards

$60 | Two Copies
  • FD-258 Cards
  • NFA Cards
  • SF-87 Cards
  • Out of State Reasons

Archiving (Special)

$99 Annually
  • One Time Capture
  • Stored For Future Use
  • PII Data Safe
  • Submit Any Time

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