FINRA Fingerprinting

At Macon LiveScan Services, we specialize in comprehensive FINRA fingerprinting solutions to meet regulatory requirements. Our expert team offers flexible options tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer traditional ink roll fingerprinting or the convenience of electronic fingerprinting, we provide accurate and reliable services. Choose to submit fingerprints electronically or opt for printing from a live scan capture, ensuring compliance with FINRA standards and a seamless process for your regulatory obligations.

Customized FINRA Solutions


At Macon LiveScan Services, we offer comprehensive solutions for FINRA fingerprint cards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether you provide your own FINRA card or prefer to use ours, our experienced team provides accurate and reliable fingerprinting services. Trust us for efficient traditional ink roll fingerprinting or the convenience of printing from a live scan capture, delivering high-quality FINRA cards tailored to your needs.

Electronic Submissions

At Macon LiveScan Services, we offer the convenience of electronic fingerprinting submissions for your FINRA requirements. Our advanced technology and secure systems ensure accurate and efficient processing of your fingerprints, eliminating the need for traditional paper submissions. Experience the speed, convenience, and reliability of our electronic submission services, making your FINRA compliance process seamless and hassle-free.

Bulk Discounts

At Macon LiveScan Services, we understand the needs of companies and firms requiring multiple fingerprinting requests. That's why we offer exclusive bulk pricing discounts, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your organization. If you have a large team requiring fingerprinting, our flexible pricing options help you save while maintaining the highest quality of service.

FINRA Archiving

Macon LiveScan Services offers convenient FINRA fingerprinting archiving services for individuals and companies with ongoing licensing requirements. Our secure and reliable archiving system stores your electronic fingerprints for easy access and transmission year after year. By utilizing our archiving service, you gain the flexibility to print cards or submit fingerprints to FINRA or the FBI whenever needed, eliminating the need for repeated in-person visits. Simplify your FINRA compliance process with our efficient archiving solution.

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Fingerprinting Card Pricing

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FINRA Traditional Ink Card

$60 | Two Copies
  • FINRA Specific Cards
  • Fast Submissions
  • No Rejections
  • Bulk Discounts

FINRA Live Scan

$95 Electronic
  • FINRA Live Scan
  • Fast Submissions
  • No Rejections
  • Bulk Discounts

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